One day I was sat at my desk wondering ‘what next?’  I had always enjoyed helping people to develop and I wondered what job did that?

After I qualified as a nurse, and graduated with an honours degree in Public Sector Management Studies, I ended up working in many different organisations and work environments trying to find my niche. I made my mark introducing the new NHS Modern Matron role in 2000 before stepping up into a senior management role. Then I went to see a coach and by the end of the session I knew that ‘coaching’ was what I wanted to do.

Hello, I’m Angela Watson. I took the plunge in 2007 and left my job as a Senior NHS Manager. Within 18 months I was working full time as a leadership development consultant and communication skills coach.

Business was great and I was busy. But many of the coaching tools and techniques I had learned were not that easy to remember.

After a few years working successfully as a coach I started looking for a new coaching tool. I wanted something to help me facilitate clients in a minimally intrusive way, that allowed clients to take responsibility and become the experts in their own lives. Simple as that.

That’s when  I discovered David Grove’s ‘Clean Language’ which seemed to offer something that I felt traditional coaching did not. I started minimising my interaction with the client’s process and immediately coaching sessions ran better! I had a sense of calmness and confidence I had not experienced before. I didn’t have to think about clever language patterns or what question I was going to ask next. And client’s noticed – they really appreciated the level of listening and attention I gave them.

Since then I have found my own way with the learning, and I use a clean approach in coaching.

Being someone who enjoys communicating  and especially taking complex theories and presenting them in an accessible manner, moving into training as well as writing e-books on the topic was a natural progression.

Soon I started hearing stories of how coaches and trainers were using a clean approach in business schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, nursing, schools, consulting firms, personal training, coach training schools, and just about every other industry on earth. The stories keep coming.

I have always been passionate about helping others and coaching has given me the vehicles not only do this but to gain a deep sense of satisfaction and privilege of being part of an individual’s growth and life journey.

I am here to help you do what you do better and to help your clients do the same.   I hope you’ll consider joining me to learn how to coach your clients using a clean approach, and to join the Basingstoke Coaches Practice Group.


Angela Watson

Owner of Angela Watson UK

BTW: I’m on twitter @angelawatsonuk and on email

Testimonials:   Testimonials:

Alison Thompson:   Alison Thompson:

“Angela provides a high standard of training, which is thought provoking, interactive, life changing, and fun”

Alison Bailey:   Alison Bailey:

“Angela provides superb quality training which provides amazing opportunities for self development personally and professionally.