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Angela Watson is an inspirational brain training consultant whom you may know from Pawz4Thought – the blog she created to help competitive dog obedience people increase their success through her online resources and in-person courses.

Using her background, research, and experience in leadership and coaching, it was not surprising that she realised there was an overlap between her professional work with leaders in organisations, and her personal passion for dog sports.

Angela recognised that bringing together and leading a group of dogs was no different to leading a group of people. She identified the behaviours that were needed to motivate and bring out the best in a dog, and started asking leaders the question “What Can You Learn From Working With A Dog”.

Based on the simple metaphor of being the leader of a pack of canines, Angela illustrates her learning as a leader and delivers a serious message to help human leaders think creatively, engage their followers, develop trust, and improve performance.

So, today, when Angela is asked the question “can a dog teach a human how to be a better leader?” Her swift retort is “of course they can”. And she has made it her business to show you how.

Angela has over 25 years experience of leadership spanning work in the public and private sector. A specialist in developing leadership capability in healthcare organisations, Angela’s research was published in the International Journal of Clinical Leadership, and she has contributed to two books on Coaching.  She is also a lecturer in Executive Coaching accredited by the University of The West of England, and delivers ILM 5 and ILM 7 Coaching Programmes in association with Bristol Business School. Angela is a member of faculty for Wessex Deanery and delivers on Executive Coaching courses for Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy, and NHS Trusts.

Angela is associated with the following organisations:

  • Organisational Member of The Association For Coaching (AC)
  • Trainer Member of Association of NLP (ANLP)
  • Principal Trainer at HumanTechnics.