Professional coach, trainer, and speakerrecognised for her ability to create “ supportive learning environments where people feel they belong“. Her training programmes have been described as ‘simply life changing’Her e-book, The Clean Approach To Leadership – has helped thousands of leaders worldwide lead better though presence, attention, and listening. Her master-class Coaching with Clean Questionshas been described as ‘revolutionising conversations’ by managers, coaches, and parents.

This is how Angela Watson is doing her bit to help individuals and organisations meet the challenges they face in these challenging times.

Additional Information:

A qualified Executive Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, who subscribes to the values of the Global NLP Training and Consultancy Community. And she’s a qualified facilitator in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling.

She’s featured in a number of leadership publications and two books –  Essential Career Transitions Coaching Skills by Caroline Talbott, and Clean Approaches For Coaches by Marian Way.

Angela’s other interests have included music and swimming. Now she competes in dog obedience trials at a national level.

She’s had a life-long commitment to learning and is writing her first book: How to Change Career After Forty and Do What You Love.

So why work with Angela?

Course participants say it best…

 “I really like Angela’s approach. Her passion shines through and she has a lovely fun, honest and approachable style . She provided us with the wisdom of her experience but also encouraged us to step outside our comfort zones.” Claire Osborne, HR Leader

“…the most insightful & powerful training that I have ever been on & I will take the learnings with me throughout my life” DC, HR Professional

“Just wanted to let you know that today I had the least stressful Friday in about 6 months. I don’t know what you did but it’s working!” – SD, Clinical Research Manager

“Angela, I see YOU as the perfect embodiment of that ‘walk the RIGHT road’ philosophy with the great work you do!”—Sean Mahon, Business Owner

“Angela provides a high standard of training, which is thought provoking, interactive, life changing, and fun” Alison Thompson, Pilates Teacher

“Angela provides superb quality training and coaching which provides amazing opportunities for self development.’ Ali Bailey, Learning Specialist and Coach

“I am amazed at the learnings and insights I obtained. It made me realise that in my own business I don’t like too much responsibility but as a new business perhaps I need to take this responsibility on board.” Annalise Kirk, Hypnotherapist

“Angela has a really different way of helping you to develop yourself. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of learning, which Angela makes feel effortless. She is great to work with – good ideas, well executed and a pleasure to do business with.”Caroline Talbott, author, coach, consultant, speaker

“A belief in excellence, a belief that anything is possible, if you really want it, sums up my experience of the hugely talented Angela Watson. Angela’s belief that people have all the resources they need to enable greatness to flourish was a constant source of energy and positivity, to me, throughout the entire experience. I believe that Angela embraces this in her own attitude to life, sharing and inspiring others particularly through her expert knowledge. For me it was an inspiring journey of discovery learning more about being me and being me with others. It was an engaging, and hugely insightful experience for me.” –  Marion Smith, Coach and Organisational Development Consultant

“Angela is an inspirational coach and trainer with a passion for promoting learning and personal development. Angela’s quiet, positive and thoughtful work has given me new and invaluable insights into my coaching practice, and has aided me in making key career and business decisions. Angela’s approach is powerful and thought-provoking, and has delivered measurable results for myself and my clients” – Mike McCabe, Business Consultant

” Angela is an excellent coach, mentor and facilitator. She demonstrates passion for what she does; and uses a blend of  coaching methods that really work. Angela is warm, encouraging and patient. I would recommend her to anyone seeking the guidance of a highly competent and professional expert in this field” Jo Hopwood, Business Owner, Coach and Consultant

“I recently had the great good fortune to be trained and mentored by Angela on a series of courses. Angela is wise, experienced and inspirational. She not only teaches her craft meticulously but provokes her students to exceed their personal boundaries, think for themselves and to research widely beyond the confines of the subject to gain deeper insights, broader horizons and greater self awareness. I cannot think of any higher accolade than to say Angela has opened my eyes to possibilities way beyond my ken and has achieved this in such a way that I cannot wait to continue under her guidance to the next level of my development” Alastair Behenna, IT Specialist.


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